Llama supported backpacking trips

Backpacking into the Bob Marshall & Scapegoat Wilderness just got a whole lot better!

We’ve partnered with Dennis L. Dueñas and Anna Genest of Montana Llama Guides offering overnight llama supported hiking trips into the Bob Marshall and Scapegoat Wilderness. This is a great opportunity to see some amazing country like the Chinese Wall on the CDT, Scapegoat Mountain or the Upper Dearborn River Canyon without the hassle of heavy backpacks and pasty, stale freeze dried food. Let llamas carry in all the coolers of food, beverages, camping, cooking and sleeping equipment, fly fishing gear, etc… while you hike down the trail enjoying every moment of the trek.

Arriving at camp has never been so glamours!  Let the guides take care of camp setup and treat you to some great healthy fresh backcountry meals while you relax under the big sky. While the llamas carry the bulk of the gear, you’re only responsible for your personal mountain foul weather clothing, small day pack, water bladder, and toiletries. We allow up to 12-15 lbs of personal clothing and gear to be packed on a llama for our overnight trips. We supply a generous size stuff sack for all your additional gear and clothing not needed while on the trail.

Imagine carrying only a day pack with your essential personal items while you, your friends, your family, a llama guide and string of pack llamas bear the weight of food, supplies, and equipment for a comfortable journey into the high country.  Now that’s livin’ the dream!

Now lets take a look at what we have to offer.

:: Chinese Wall on the CDT ::

The Chinese wall is grand. It’s big. It’s magnificent. That’s, of course, if you like a 1,000 foot high rock wall escarpment that’s nearly 22-miles long located many, many miles from any road, vehicle, or building. This needs to be on your bucket list of crazy natural wonders to visit. And there’s no better way than with a llama as your trail companion!

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:: Scapegoat Mountain Traverse ::

A massive 9,204-foot limestone cliff, Scapegoat Mountain dominates the Scapegoat Wilderness which extends south from the Chinese Wall. Some say, the views, the overall wilderness, and the seclusion are far superior to that of the Chinese Wall.

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:: Upper Dearborn River Llama Basecamp ::

The Upper Dearborn river is fairly abundant with fish for the avid fisherman. With an average of 12-inch fish, stories are told echoing off the canyon walls that 18-inch monsters have risen from the bottom of the deepest pools. August is a great time for fly fishing the Dearborn with hoppers bouncing from rock to rock along the shores waiting for the most eager of fish. This is a very low pressure river since these upper stretches require a little more effort.

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