Trail Rides and the Continental Divide

It’s said that the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex of Montana is the wildest most untouched place in the lower 48. Riding horseback into Montana’s backcountry is an unforgettable experience with wildlife, crisp mountain air, towering mountain peaks and postcard views. At one time, horses were the fastest way to get from one point to the next. Horses still continue to be some of the best vehicles for mountain travel finding hidden majestic places. Let K Lazy 3 take you on a journey through the wild’s on Montana as the early explorers and pioneers did by horseback.
Live like cowboys and cowgirls for a day with our Full Day, Half Day and 2-HR Trail Rides.
Continental Divide and North Fork Falls
Full Day Ride includes sack lunch. 7-8 hour ride
Heart Lake and Lewis & Clark Pass
Half Day Ride includes trail snack. 4-hour ride
Blackfoot River Trail –  Lodge Based, Lincoln, MT
2-HR Rides
Friday Night Steak Rides or Wagon Rides
Steak dinner along the Blackfoot River!

Ready to live the Montana dream?

Call for pricing 406.939.2546, or email
Rates based on groups of 4 or more. 
Groups less than 4 people can be combined with other groups.
For private trail rides, please inquire at 406.939.2546, or email
Where to meet:
Call 406.939.2546 to schedule a meeting time.
What to bring:
We require guest to wear long pants and closed toed shoes. We ask you also bring multiple layers (for warm and cooler temperatures), rain gear, sun protection (hat, sunscreen, long sleeves), and insect repellent/protection. Also bring a water bottle to stay hydrated.