Scapegoat Mountain Traverse :: Llama Supported Hike

Overshadowed by the famous Chinese Wall, Scapegoat Mountain is an incredible place to visit. A massive 9,204-foot limestone cliff, Scapegoat Mountain dominates the Scapegoat Wilderness which extends south from the Chinese Wall. Some say, the views, the overall wilderness, and the seclusion are far superior to that of the Chinese Wall.

This 40-mile llama supported thru hike will begin just north of Ovando, MT along the North Fork of the Blackfoot River at roughly 4800 ft in elevation. The next few days are excellent opportunities for native cutthroat fly fishing and scenic water falls as we make our way to the Scapegoat Massif. On day 3, we’ll climb up the shoulder of the Scapegoat hiking through an 8,000-foot pass bringing us to the invigorating steep wall of the east face of Scapegoat. Once in the area of the Massif, our group willl have opportunities to climb Scapegoat Mountain for incredible scenic views, explore the strewn network of alpine caves, witness the remains of an old plane crash or relax within the splendor of the area.

Our final days will take us down the mountain side following a network of streams crossing over the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail (CDT) to our terminus trail head.

This llama supported backcountry adventure will require 6-9 miles a day of easy to moderate terrain with some steep sections. You’ll only need to carry a day pack of foul weather clothing and gear, food, water, and various personal items. Enjoy the hike while your llama trial companion carries your camping gear and food. Hike with llamas and join us this summer!

For more information about any of the llama treks, email or call Dennis at 406.600.3835